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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Get geared up.. puhhleeaazzee..

Hehehehe.. that title is especially dedicated to me.

Nampaknye sejak seminggu ni mmg tak berminat langsung nak menyentuh hal2 psych ni. Bohsan. I cant take it. Kat tpt kerja dah bekerja keras. Pas tu kat rumah nak study lagi? Aisshhh.. bosan tul. Minggu ni sangat kontroversi. Have been having arguments wit people.. pathology, radiology, interpreter, patients, the stoopid surgical resident... u name it. Frustrating.
Yang pasal interpreter tu ialah interpreter utk Auslan (Australian sign language). Tak professional langsung; komplen pasal menyampah be in a psych facility, tak nak dok lama2 masa interview pt, tak interpret the right way, tak nak interpret some of patient's messages, blablabla, komplen sana-sini.. bodo betul.
And I seriously cannot see the same patient for more than 3days.. here in psych, involuntary patients mostly will be inpatients for weeks! D'oh!

Sabar je la...

My progress.. rasanye I'm better than last week. Even tho everything is still making me annoyed & restless tapi I think I am more efficient kot. Walaupon lebih slow & lembap, tapi I know I've been trying.

Its the 5th night now hubby not here with me. Dia dah habaq yg dia dah beli some stuff for me. Yay!! Dia ckp yg his presentation went very well. I'm so proud of him. Well done! Love ya!

This week jugak aku membusykan diri dgn internet & foncalls to M'sia. Macam2 hal kat sana.

Then went to Mazda workshop yesterday for a mini check up for my hensem baby. Part of the welcome pack. Last nite went to have dinner kat rumah member. Org2 kat ward ckp aku patut pegi Xmas party kat spital. But didnt go. Kurang berminat nak tgk org2 tu mabuk2 & make a fool of themselves. Plus aku dah lama nak tgk Cold Case kat tv.

Dr. D & fam r coming to Melb for the weekends. Driving down. Yay! Seronok nak jumpa dia. But at the same time, I'm kinda worried for mum & baby nak jalan jauh2. Hopefully both mum & bub are well everything.

Saturday ada bbq/hi-tea at Ly's place. Me going to make my 'ol potato salad.

Sunday hubby balik Melbourne.. YAY! Cant wait.
Same night, Dr. MJ balik M'sia.. huhuhuhu.. jelesnye..

Well, tomorrow is another day, same 'ol boring job on the ward. Anyhow, hopefully everything's fine for me as a conclusion to another week, another page of my life working as a doctor...

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