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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Selamat pulang hubby =)

Hubby called when early this morning saying that he's already in Brisbane. Dia transit kat sana from LA. Seb baik, lama tak dgr suara dia, considering that he called everyday thru Skype masa dia kat sana. Tapi understandable coz dia bertolak from LA I think somewhere mlm Jumaat or pagi Sabtu, but coz dia kena cross the international time border between Au & U.S sana so dia akan rugi 1 day bila balik sini. So, will be picking him up around midday jap lagi. YAY!


Aku bangun pagi dgn badan yg sakit2. Dah 2 pagi dah badan aku sakit2. Mebbie coz dok drive sana sini esp to the airport.. amik Dr MJ, gi kerja, ni jap lagi nak amik hubby, then mlm gi hantar Dr MJ gi airport lagi. And I've also restarted my intensive exercises 3,4 hari yg lalu. Selama 2,3 minggu I've let myself go again, mebbie coz stress keja kot. This time I'm stressed about work, I sorta jadi tak lalu nak buat apa2. Just nak rehatkan badan & otak. Ada la dlm sekali dua aku senaman berat dlm tempoh 2,3 minggu tu, itupon masa cuti 2 minggu hari tu. Pas tu terus jadi malas gila & continue with light stretching in da morning. No wonder baju mmg terasa ketat je. In terms of my weight, mmg dah lost 4kg kalau compare with the 8kg weight gain masa raya puasa hari tu. But I suppose I've to actually tone up part2 gelebeh2 tu so that I could be comfortable in my clothes again. Plus, aku pon dah tua, so metabolism makin turun & I do feel like I am not supposed to let myself go like this despite being stressed & anxious.

To be honest, I dont think psychiatry is ever for me.
I cant remember how many times I've said this, but it is the truth. I hate oncalls & the interruptions I get at home when I'm oncall. To me, once I get back home, I dont want to think about the hospital or the patients anymore. I dont want any strings attached. I want my life outside medicine. And I hate the fact that I hafta go to this stupid hearing every 2 wks and their massive paperwork prior to each hearing. Next week I haf 3 hearings, and the report for those 3. Benci betul.

The only thing that I like about the rotation is that I like the team that I work with... aaaand the fact that most of them think that I have such a babyface that I am probably in my early 20s. Hence the way they talk to me.. 'babytalk' (all those.. honey, sweetie, darling, manja2 way of talking to me) !... despite the fact that most of them also know that I am in my late 20's. Hehehehhehehe.. ok la tu. Patutnye pon aku in my early 20s considering I'm still a very junior HMO =P But hey, the figures dont really matter. My reproductive system might not agree with me, but age is just another number that yg penting kita mesti berjiwa muda =)
(part of my coping mechanism)
And it always makes my day bila kena buat referral & I get to talk to those people that I've known from physical medicine world. Walaupon aku kinda menci with the fact that my team now has such critical psych patients (termasukla yg 'disinhibited'), tapi looking at the bright side, because of these patients I get to speak to my 'physical medicine' frens. E.g. last week was very stressful, talking to my ED bosses, medical registrar, surg people, neuro, etc. really made my day. Esp. the ortho registar who made the effort to call me back 3 days in a row about this psychotic lady who kept on falling & injured her bones. Thanks to u guys that I'm still sane. At least takde la terasa trapped sgt kat facility tu.


Dr. D, Ly & TTM are going to Chaddy mall this a.m. Aku nak gi amik hubby from the airport today so cant really join them. Kalau ikutkan, aku naaak sangat spend time with Dr. D coz dah lama tak jumpa but keadaan tak mengizinkan. The fact that they drove all the way thru from Adelaide.. whoa.. hebat betul. But takpe la, biar la dia spend time with family. Situationnye very limited & I respect that. Baby, family, time. Dun wanna be selfish to spend time with her. Mebbie next time. I'm glad that aku dpt jumpa dia smlm even tho sekejap. (And oh.. I really like their black Camry.. macho gilaa!)


Me now reflux lagi coz makan byk sgt smlm :P (padan muka diri sendiri)
Seb baik ada PPi & Mylanta double strength tu. And some ginger tea. So kira under control la.
Ni nak siapkan list brg to my parents & also list perfume for Dr. MJ's mum.
Laundry, my reading list & hearing reports are waiting for me, but I'm just going to take it bit by bit so that aku tak mati from being overwhelmed.

Cant wait to see hubby :)

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