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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jalan-jalan buang masa =P

Sure tajuk kat atas tu tak best kan? heheheheh... In my world, there's alwiz 2 sides of the story.. kira cam pro's & con's, ups & downs. Nak bunyi lagi best, kira hidup aku sangat balanced =P Bab jalan-jalan tu yg best, bab buang masa tu tak brapa best for my 'supposed to study' world. Heh!
Okeh, lets forget about this dispute pasal tajuk tu.

Stuff happened in the past week, in short:
- Monday night like the previous entry, went to send Dr. H's family at the airport, they were going back to M'sia afta weeks of holidays here.

- The next day, as expected, didnt go to the early morning med lecture at the hospital... guess what.. woke up late. Takde la lambat sgt.. around 830am je. Went to Frankston with Dr. H in the hope of having the best bento lunch ever, only to find out that the restaurant was not open! Rugi je aku drive jauh-jauh 40km pegi tu. Tried to go to another Thai restaurant.. also to find out that the restaurant tutup! D'oh! Wats wrong wit these people? Jalan-jalan kat Franga Shopping Mall kejap (ye la, kalau balik terus rugi je la kan perjalanan aku tu).
Petang tu Dr. H lepak at my place to have diner. We made udang/sotong berempah & Dr. H made the best kailan ever. Sedap. I also found out that she's going back to M'sia for a short trip in April, as well as in June, and raya... huhuhu.. bukan ke dia baru je balik M'sia in November hari tu? Well, she said that she's homesick & kinda sick already being here in Australia. Her plan was to go back next yr if she didnt get in to the surgical training programme. Wow! That's news to me. Oh well, my life here is a little uncertain as well. So is Dr. MJ's, he said he is considering to defer/ going elsewhere to work.

- Wednesday: tried to study.. ok la sket2 a few paragraphs, with Scarlett Johansen's house on the net terpampang depan mata aku while I was reading. Petang tu, Dr. H, Dr. MJ & both of us went to the free concert in the city.. the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Myer Bowl kat Botanical Garden. Best! But I think I didnt do myself any favour coz was restless the whole concert 2° to late coffee intake. All in all it was a good orchestra. Havent been to any live one before. Pernah tgk adik aku main or his school main, but aku nak tgk real concert. Nak pergi lagi nanti. I think I should go to all these arts & cultural events more before I decide to leave Melbourne. Bila lagi, ye tak? Malam tu kami had dinner at Old Town.. again. Came home a little late.. without thinking that esok aku kena gi kerja pagi ni. Haaiyaaa.. but yeah, everyone enjoyed themselves.
Mamat bogel ni nak try lompat from tangan gemuks aku
The Shrine of Remembrance, Royal Botanical Garden
- Thursday: kerja pagi. Dapat invitation to have an arvo drink with the consultants & registrars. Coz it was busy in ED, a bunch of us kinda terlambat to go there. Dah la pegi salah tempat when we got to leave ED, then bila finally sampai to the rite place.. dah kosong.. Even the unopen Cheezels yg tinggal kat tangan sorang consultant tu pon kami tak dpt merasa.. coz consultant tu tak nak share dgn kitorang. Hampas! Kecewa sungguh.
Balik kerja, I thot nak tido straight away so that bleh berjaga overnight utk tido the next day, kerja malam this weekends. Tapi kecundang gak aku dgn nafsu tido ni.. letih beb. Bodo la sapa yg buat jadual ni. Jadual aku kerja pagi Khamis then malam hari Jumaat, memang la more than 24hrs but how can they expect us to be awake for 24hrs then tido to prepare for the nite shift? Bangang. Kalau nights, nights je la, kalau siang, siang je la. Haram tul.

- Friday: tried to tido multiple times in 2-3 hour intervals. By 6pm I was already awake again.. sick of dok dlm katil. During those hours yg aku tried to be awake earlier, otak terasa pening gila.. so useless la jugak those hours. Tapi berjaya gak study sket2 before pegi kerja. Got syllabus matrices to study for exams from 1 of the consultants. And aku terasa bersemangat nak study, terasa cam student balik. The contents tested in exams dont seem bad at all. I just hafta study smart & hard I suppose. The consultant who gave me the guides suruh aku register cepat2, which I think I will do soonish now that terasa cam there's light at the end of the tunnel. Takde la rasa cam bercelaru je fikiran bila nak start study.. kalau tak dulu rasa overwhelmed gila & then in the end stop studying.
Night shift tadi cam bodo. Busy + some abusive patients coz diorang kena tunggu lama. Well, I've pretty much stopped caring.. which means takde la stressed out sangat. Its not our fault that they have to tunggu berkurun nak get treatment. Patients are seen based on triage system & obviously those who are more life-threatened will be seen first than those yg can be seen by a GP. There's not enuf doctors obviously for any night shifts, let alone on any weekend's nights.. and most patients choose to come during these vulnerable hours hence corrupting the meaning of "EMERGENCY" itself. Yeah, of course we will still see u & try our best to get u treated or even admitted if needed, tapi expect waiting for at least 4hours & dont expect the best treatment on the weekends.. this is when not enuf services available no matter which hospital u go to. Yes, the wards & the emergency department open 24-7, but again.. really, worst time to come if u r not dying.. come back on Monday a.m. It all comes back to funding.. yo!

Today had a very good sleep through out the day. Bangun around 5pm, terasa segar. Makan & lepak-lepak. Terasa nak study sket-sket.. tapi malas, lagi best kemas-kemas barang dlm bilik & main internet. Malam karang kerja lagi. Hopefully everything's well overnight. Its great when we get to work with great doctors overnight.

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