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Sunday, May 17, 2009

All the very best, my beloved brothers =)

Just got back from Shepparton where Dr. MJ has his rotation at the moment. Such a beautiful country town, even tho its still chilly, mebbie more than Melbourne, but still bright & sunny. Way way way better than Traralgon & Wallan (uhuk uhuk, of course, definitely, etc), definitely better than Warragul, and better than Sale, Ballarat, Swan Hill, Yarram, Kerang, Morwell, Moe, Trafalgar, dan those towns in between yg aku dah pernah pegi.

Will jot down more in my next entry about the weekend trip.

Anyways, my brother H3 is having his final A-Level exams starting tomorrow. This will determine whether he goes to the U.K. or Au or even the local uni's. He already received a conditional offer for 2 universities in the U.K. (brilliant, H3! well done!!). I dun mind him getting which ever, even tho like most families, of course I want him to be close to me. If gi U.K. plak, we get the chance to travel there, InsyaAllah, one day. But, whatever it is, he has to excel his exams first, then, nak pilih2 mana tu blakang kira la kan. Oh well, another family member is branching out of us all :(

My other brother H2 is doing his final year project & will be facing final year exams soon as well. I doakan he aces them excellent & get an excellent job that suits him afta that. My youngest brother H4 is also facing his UPSR soonish. I doakan he strikes it brilliant.

This is one of my reasons that I dont think its a good idea to balik M'sia for a bit during my week off this rotation. Even tho I miss my family terribly :(

So here my doa & wish for all of them, hugs & kisses:

Dear H1, H2, H3,
Dont be scared of these battles,
All ur sweat & effort will come to one,
InsyaAllah, dengan berkat Allah swt,
U will go through this with ease,
Allah swt alwiz gives u strength to face it all,
Dont forget ur gratitude to
And dont forget that we all pray for u, alwiz,
Love u for who u are,
And for whatever it is the pathway that's written for u,
Take care alwiz, be calm,
And ace it all.
Love u alwiz,
Kak Long.

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