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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Treasures From Loved Ones... Thank You Gazillions

Baru ni la aku dpt menayang menda2 yg aku dpt & aku splurged on sempena harijadi aku. Kerja mlm yg bengong tu memang kasi aku konpius, ala-ala delirius gitu. Takde la dpt byk mana dari segi materialistiknye, but I'm more than happy, ecstatic sebab of the thought and ada jugak celebration (sket2 je) considering that umur dah meningkat kan, nombor umur tu pon tak best. Nomber tarikh je best. =)

Anyways, ni menda2 nye =)

My splurge on my b'day right afta the very dumb nite shift:
A double layer cookie cake from Mrs. Fields (Top layer: tripple chocs cookie. Bottom layer: macadamia & choc cookie).

Splurge gila jugak. Boxes of chocolates including toblerones. Cita-cita besau nak yg 4.5kg toblerone besau tu tapi sure tak larat nak angkat. Badan dah sakit2 lepas stoopid nite shift:

The card that I got on the very day of my bday, from lovely Malaysia, found in my mailbox, balik rumah from Chaddy (love u guys lots.. muaaahhsss):

The card I got from hubby, muaaaahhhssss, placed on top of my macho lappie when I got home + tix back to M'sia in July 09 (hugs + love):

Yesterday got this from 2 of my dearest friends in Adelaide, mak buyung Dr. D & hubby Dr. Sh ;) thanks lots u guys, I'm ecstatic, u guys r superb :x:x:x

Hehehe.. dont worry about my other pembaziran. Like I sed before, I just get what I want when I have the money & terasa nak beli, macam gila je. So now dah takde idea nak apa for my birthday. I dont think it was such a bad thing to have to work on my birthday. Everyone has to do that somehow. The way a fren of mine put it, there must be other worse things that could happen on ur birthday. E.g. motor-vehicle accidents, sakit teruk, trapped in a fire, trapped kena kidnap, trapped in a fire, trapped tgh2 ocean coz kapal karam, kena rompak, hanyut kat sungai besar penuh buaya & ular beracun, kena buang negara, blablabla... or mati masa tgh lupa Allah swt & tak sempat nak taubat.. ish... nauzubillah...

I'm just grateful to Allah swt to be alive, with all the ones I care for around me & there r people who care about me out there. I'm grateful for the rezeki yg ada for me & the loved ones. I pray for life for all of us & ever. Amin.

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