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Sunday, May 03, 2009

frosty sunnie..

nice sunny day outside, but alas its cold. i'm thankful to Allah swt that its still sunny despite this cold weather.

was sick last night & had to miss work. really bad migraine that made me throw up multiple times. huhuhu... so sad. i alwiz feel sad after vomiting, i think everyone does. slept all the time coz couldnt do anything, couldnt eat, couldnt drink, couldnt read, couldnt even look at anything coz the light was killing me. such a waste of time being sick. if i wasnt, at least i could have tried revising my barely-there paeds (plus renal, endo, respi, gastro ) knowledge. (heh, ye la tu, cita-cita besar sungguh)

it's May, that month of the year. it my month =)

i'm supposed to be happy that May has finally come. many things are happening at this moment of time. lembu-lembu bersama-sama langau-langaunye contaminating this lovely month. it will mark the month forever, causing such heartache if i choose to remember it... yes, thats right, if i choose to remember today as it is. its hard but i hafta. the game of mind is alwiz difficult.
hate it that May here is always chilly & gloomy with only occasional sunlight, and it will always be. bleh..

today will continue for a few days, at least until lembu-lembu tu blah. huhuhu...

may Allah swt give me strength to face the day and beyond. i'm not going to pray for all these to disappear, if this is what's written for me, but i pray that i have the strength & patience to face life. i'm not as strong as i want me to be...

so much to do.. which one today... guitar heroes, rayman, samurai, or still mario kart? aaahh.. those paeds book keep on staring at me. but i want to finish the story book that i've started last week, still on chapter 1. nak baca mags yg aku curik from the ward tu lagi (seb baik dah disinfect dgn avagard..hehehhe). those laundry too, and those letters & papers piling up on the floor in the living room AND the rooms. stop staring at me, damn it, piles!) then my heroes & without a trace series. mebbie i should go to my veggie pots. haaiii... i so wanted to have a bite on the home made lemonade & banana split at pancake parlour.

mmm... lucky i've ironed all my work attire for next week. oh, i'm due for my fortnightly mini-spa/facials. hehehhehe.. later tonite lah.

so much for my whinging bout...

anyho, going to Mordialloc to visit TTM & family this arvo. my buyung fren's mum is here for a visit before leaving to Adeleide next week. (jangan marah Dr. D. ehhehehehehehe.. ceria-ceria selalu). going to make some meat pies. nyaaammm.. tapi mana bleh lawan dgn TTM nyer masakan. ahaks =D *winks*

til then... huhuhuhuhahahhahahahahahuhuhuhuhu....


bakrihafizhisham said...

how do you disinfect a magazine??
owh the lembus are still there?
ooops.how come it sounds so terrible when i use the word lembu and not you??shoot.


Topsy-Turvy Mum said...

sedappppp laaaa ur pieeeeeee!!

aquahartz said...

terima kasih ttm :D

oit bakri. lembus keparats still here. sounds bad when u use it? takde la. sounds cool. kakakkakakaka. lawaks ye

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