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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sejuknye hari ni

Lega sket perasaan aku ni after making a few phone calls to the insurance company & Mazda center about my baby. There are a few things that I learned from the phone calls. One of them is apparently Melbourne is setting a few hail storm centers around Victoria, one already being set up in Altona & another one coming to this side of Melbourne soon. My insurance rating wont be affected at all to get my car fixed & to claim the cost. A few other things & I'm sooo much relieved now. Even though still sad each time I look at the car, but at least now I'm willing to take it easy. Like I sed before its still functioning well, accept for the cosmetic part of it.
Hopefully everything is going well, InsyaAllah.

Kerja semalam memang sangat membencikan. We had all the good docs (termasuk la aku.. hehehheheeh) working but alas the nursing stuff plak yg hampas. We were in bypass a few times. Patients kept on flowing in, but 3/4 of them were not supposed to be there.. u kno wat I mean. GP stuff, drug seeking, stoopid cases, etc. Some public holidays can be good & quiet, while some are just dumb. Semua docs kata diorang benci gila kerja semalam.. oh well, at least it wasnt only me. While I was getting ready to work, I got this phone call from the bed coordinator suruh aku datang to work at 2pm, while I was actually rostered at 1pm. Dia ckp yg apparently I was rostered for on-calls in ED.. bodo ke apa.. tu la yg aku teringin sangat nak ckp on the fon masa dia call tu.

Semalam balik ngantuk gila. Seb baik tak byk kereta on the road. Aku bgn awal ~6+ semalam despite tido beberapa jam je. Kalau ikut time days off hari tu, I had a few naps during the day to support my lack of night sleep. Tapi smlm kena kerja so takleh la nak tido, esp. bila ED was like tunggang terbalik. Halfway thru aku nak terhangguk-hangguk dah.. tak larat betul. Hari ni terbangun lambat sket, ok kot since start at 4pm nanti. I really hope that ED will be more.. err.. decent today.. tak suka la case bodo2 lagi (doesnt help with my professional development) & hopefull sumer docs yg best2, as well as smart nurses (bukan smart asses.. heheheh). Semalam benci gila kerja, yg kasi semangat cuma my make ups :P tapi merudum bila sampai kat kerja. So harap2 hari ni pon semangat yg best gi kerja.

The physicians trainees are having their part 1 written exams today. Ni termasuk la Dr. MJ, Dr. AI & others. All the very best to them. Aku cam berdebar-debar plak bila fikir pasal diorang. Hmm.. cam tu la aku nanti if I suddenly decide to take exams this September, or next March.

Aku rasa hari ni cam sejuk plak. Dengan anginnye.. pagi tadi ada la sket matahari suam2 kuku. Then tetiba hujan, and aku pon doa la banyak-banyak supaya takde lagi hujan batu.. or at least until I've parked my car safely kat under cover car park at work nanti. Huhuhu...

And I am supposed to study now.. now.. NOW!!

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