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Thursday, November 11, 2010

ICU first day.

First day formal job in ICU today. Seperti biasa kalau first day mana-mana pon aku akan terpinga-pinga tak tau nak buat apa, well, mebbie not in ED or surgical team. My consultant today memang best. Dia ajar banyak menda & he's cool :) Hari ni Thursday, takde ICU registar around coz they are at teaching. So ada 2 HMOs in ICU. Satu aku yg first day on the job, satu lagi yg dah 1bulan kat situ & obviously bagus. Seb baik dia setuju handle ICU while I would go to the codes. The big boss today suruh kami pegi registrar teaching so that kami boleh belajar. Best la dia.

Unfortunately, as much as he wanted to teach us ICU stuff, terlalu banyak codes today. Dari pagi tadi until I left around 9++pm ada la kumpul-kumpul dalam 9 Code Blue. Aku start tengah hari, so shift aku ada la dlm 5 kot. Haa.. amek kau! Nak sangat METcall/Code Blue... haaa.. kan dah kelam-kabut. Haha.

Penat la jugak bila dah balik rumah tadi. Gila banyak codes.
Anyhow, I enjoyed my day in ICU today. The staff are all nice & helpful. The bosses are nice. Will let u guys kno how I'm going along the way.

Atm, I feel kinda tak best coz takde masa nak belajar at home. Aku suka kalau bila aku balik rumah & I'm motivated to study. Which how I feel at the moment. But also, at the same time all I think about is how to clear up the house before Tuesday. So I guess, in this coming 2wks mesti study aku terbengkalai sementara until we move. I havent packed my ICU books but setiap kali ada masa sure aku akan kemas rumah or rehat sekejap.

Sementara itu, sila baca ini article. Like I've mentioned many times before, this is about the funding of Australian healthcare system and how this actually impacts the system itself & the patients' care. Sila baca the comments made here, aku tak hantar any comments coz malas.

Ada lagi satu interesting reading kat Yahoo US. About the environment. How whales are also affected by the global warming & thinning of the ozone layers. Poor them. At the same time, I wish I could join the research team on whale watching & join their research. Or join any research team on the environment or anything. Best la research jobs. (Yup, as much as I like documentaries, I also love reading articles... I just wish I had more time or the job to do this).

Another interesting article on junk food that doesnt have to be garbage from The Age that aku sempat baca tadi, memandangkan hidup aku 2 minggu ni penuh dengan junkfood. Bukan apa, sangat la busy sampai malas nak masak. Makan pun ala kadar & nak cepat. And this will continue for the next 2 weeks nampaknye.

Hopefully aku survive ICU OK. Esok sampai Ahad ialah 13hour shifts. InsyaAllah.

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kekwa22 said...

article : Junk food doesn't have to be rubbish

memang good info.. tengs for sharing..

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