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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Long week of cleaning & clearing up things

Alhamdulillah, we finally moved all the heavy/big stuff to the other house. Very much thanks to dear hubby & dear friends who went out of their way to help out.

The new house is pretty much still in an array but it will be an enjoyable time unpacking, its like opening prezziees la. The old house however, is such a wreck. Kena bersungguh-sungguh bersihkan rumah tu. It will be a big challenge nampaknye. Nasib baik ada until this Friday to hand in the keys. I'm working on Tuesday until Thursday. Hopefully I wont be too tired after work to come over & do my best to clear the house with hubby.

Anyways, there wont be much of an updating for the next few day I guess. Busy tukar address, utilities termination, etc. Other than trying to clearing the houses, I'll be working as well AND internet is only coming by the end of this week (so they say). If there's a post, it will be short & sweet :p

Doakan kitorang sihat-sihat sentiasa & semoga Allah swt kasi kami the strength & kemudahan on clearing the houses :)
Cheers all.


lemongrass said...

Have fun unpacking and rearranging the new house.
I got a cleaner to come and clean our old house so it's up to the agent's standard. It took them about 4-5 hours to clean everything including the windows inside and out. And then we showed the cleaner's receipt to the agent so dia tak boleh doubt the cleanliness.
Maybe you can do this too so tak lah you have to bersusah payah after work to clean up.

A~ said...

agreed lah. kitorang started doing some, and now dah rasa hampir putus asa nak kemas. its the accumulated junks here & there of 3 yrs worth. rasa nak nangis.
so now, like u sed, we r getting help.. hopefully lah its gonna be clean up to the agent standard.
wargh letih gilaa.

kekwa22 said...

new house, i'm coming...

best best

A~ said...

lega baru now ada internet. ish ish ish.

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