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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lori besi 'terlebih comel'

After all the drama mlm tadi, berjaya gak aku drive gi kerja naik besi 'terlebih comel' tu. For the first time after a few months, driving this terasa cam lain macam je. Terasa cam naik lori 1.0L engine. Heheheh. Vroooomm vrrrrooooooooommm. Bising gila. Duduk kat driver's seat tu pon terasa cam driving lori golf kat padang golf. Terasa weird je pegang the steering wheel, the hand break. The good thing about this besi 'terlebih comel' is that it is very economical in its petrol consumption. I thought I had to fill in some last night but yeah, byk lagi rupenya. I'll fill it in later this week.

Besi 'terlebih comel'ku yg telah byk berjasa.

Dah biasa drive the new baby with a 2.0L engine, terasa cam tak brapa best plak bawak yg ni gi naik bukit ke Box Hill. I almost couldnt believe that I used to drive this around Victoria in this. Tak sampai hati ni kutuk this besi 'terlebih comel'. Ni la kereta yg dah bawak aku ke sana ke mari since 2005, dah bawak mak & abah & adik2 jalan-jalan, dah bawak aku back & fort from Melbourne to Whoop whoop. Those were the days...

Yet, aku sampai hati to let it go. Its about time to move on with life :)
Aku just kena sabar tunggu my baby to come out of the workshop. 4 more nights to go with this mini truck.
Rindduuuuuu my baby...

Before heading off from work, Dr AG & me went to the HR office for our timesheet, as well as me to collect my letter of support for the ACEM registration application. Will do it soon :) (Seb baik takde all these psych patients outside isap rokok kat depan tu mcm selalu).

Upton House building. The adult mental health services, including the acute adult psych ward.
Regular acara merokok kat entrance for the psych patients.
Jalan terus lagi is the children & adolescence mental health service building.
Also the building for doctors' HR, tpt kami gi hand in timesheet, amik payslips, etc.
Heading towards the hospital (the gray building) from Upton House.
This is at ~9am, after the sunlight killed the fog.
Note the lovely brown leaves.


Newbie said...

mmg keter tu byk berjasa kat kau.. jgnla kutuk dia byk2.. kekekeke...
(teringat zaman kita kat melb dulu2, siap dgn high school drama yg sampai skarang kalau fikir bole naik darah gaks) (but then again, how far have we come eh? ;) )

aquahartz said...

yeah kan? hehehe kereta tu byk berjasa kat aku. terharu bila fikir2 balik.
oh well, how far we've come :)

(I miss my Mazda3!!! sob sob sob)

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