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Friday, October 22, 2010

Sorry & thanks

I have to apologize that in the past week or so my postings have been a tad too angry & bosan to read. Mostly about work & how unhappy I am.
See, I dont really talk about work at home, the only things that I bring back home is my study stuff & professional development stuff. I tend to limit my talking about work with hubby coz our together time is already limited by my job ablone, so better to share the moments together with more beneficial things. Dah la kat kerja berjam-jam, kadang sampai 15hours incl. driving pergi balik, so takkan nak bawak lagi hal2 kerja yg tak significant to ke rumah kan.
I want to dissociate myself from work, when I'm with my loved ones.
Kalau nak vent out, will usually do it with my doctor friends coz diorang je la yg paham bahasa2 docs ni.

Like what I've written about this blog in my profile, this is my outlet for my head & my heart. This blog is for my family & friends, also for anyone who is willing to bear reading all the junks here, wrote by a complex person like me. Like anyone else, I believe I have the rights to say it all.. Tak mintak simpati atau comments, however apa2 komen membina amat dialu-alukan & dihargai. And so far, I havent deleted any nasty remarks, hopefully takde in the future. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for reading :)



Lady of Leisure said...

bila luahkan tu serba skit hilang bebanan yang u rasa kan.. sharing is caring, listening pun caring hehe, thats what friend are for.. u take care k.. :)

=) said...

thanks lady. i terasa cam ppl like to read cheerful things on other ppl's blogs. thus, this entry.
initially this blog pon just for family & close frens je. now baru tergerak hati nak let others read, lepas TTM kasi suggestion.
thanks for being a fren :)
take care.

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